Sweet Home Kamchatka

Ekaterina Osichkina, Junior World Ski Mountaineering Champion

Ekaterina Osichkina, 19 years old and ski mountaineering junior world champion. We follow her to her home, in Kamchatka, where together we will discover the wild beauty of this isolated place from the world, while climbing volcanoes much more active than we expected.

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2020 | 25min | HD | Cat, Eng | CC: Cat, Esp, Eng, Fra, Rus
Ski Mountaineering, Exploration, Women

Duration: 25 minutes
Format: 16:9
Quality: Full HD
Production: Himalaiaski
Featuring: Ekaterina Osichkina
A documentary by: Pep Cuberes & Xevi Esgleas
Cameras: Pep Cuberes, Guillem Casanova, Lluís Bedós, Xevi Esgleas, Inka Bellés
Additional images: Semen Makhnatkin
Editing: Xevi Esgleas
Final edit: Pep Cuberes
Screenplay: Inka Bellés, Lluís Bedós
Voice-over: Guillem Casanova
Language: Catalan / English
Original Music by: Ambience – Bob Bradley. I want you in my dreams – Tom Rosenthal. Electric – Bob Bradley. Waiting on the shore – Jethro Chaplin. Superfresh – Tom Rosenthal. Softcore – Jonathan Llyod. Leave you burning – Andy Powell. I’ll wait – Robert Altman. Sweet Home Kamchatka (Guillem Casanova)
Filmed in: Kamchatka (Russia), Andorra
Subtitles: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Russian
Suitable for all ages

Ekaterina Osichkina, a name that will give a lot to talk about! When we first saw her competing in a ski mountaineering world cup, we were amazed by her superiority. At just 19 years old, he was a true performance machine. At the end of the race, the agony turned into kindness, the firmness into cordiality. She was happy for the mere fact of being here, fighting among the best in the world, perhaps more than for her victory. For her, coming to Europe to compete was not easy. She was traveling alone and with a suitcase full of thank you gifts for those who crossed her path.

He came from far, far away…from Kamchatka. As he told us about that peninsula in the far east of Russia, his eyes lit up, and so did ours. It didn’t take us long to decide that this would be our next destination. An opportunity for us to discover that inhospitable and wild land, an opportunity for her to get out of her day-to-day life as an athlete and explore her backyard.

Once there, it was non-stop: eating caviar for breakfast, skiing from
that goes out until the sun goes down, listen to Russian love songs and have chup chup in real thermal baths. Each volcano had its own personality. We went from skiing on a perfect cone to entering a boiling crater. The intense phosphorescent yellows and ocher contrasted with the blue ice of the glaciers. The echo of the fumaroles, the smell of sulfur and the puddles of boiling clay shook our senses… and in the midst of this spectacle lived the bears, each day their footprints frightened us more.

That virgin nature was a hidden treasure, no one outside this isolated peninsula had been able to enjoy it until 1991, and there were still many places that had never been trodden on. On that trip we were able to get to know our hostess’s life as an athlete in depth, but also to a close-knit ski mountaineering community, which made us feel at home in such a far away place. We know this because, as we said goodbye, we already knew that we would return.


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