The Antarctic Dive

The most spectacular jump

Colombian diver and 13 times world champion Orlando Duque travels to Antarctica in 2018 to join the 4th Colombian scientific expedition and make the most spectacular jump of his life – from an iceberg higher than 20m.

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)

2019 | 31min | 4K | Esp | CC: Eng, Ger, Esp

Winter, Cliff Diving, Adventure, Travel.

Duration: 31 minutes
Quality: 4K
Producer: New World Spirits
Starring: Orlando Duque
Language: Esp
Subtitles: Eng, Ger, Esp

Suitable for all ages

Colombian diver and 13th high-diving world champion, Orlando Duque, joins the 4th Colombian scientific expedition to Antarctica in 2018 to dive from a huge floating iceberg in the icy waters of the Antarctic Sea. This documentary not only tells the story of his spectacular jump from an almost 25 m high iceberg, but also tells the story of several scientific expeditions that work on board this ship in different projects related to climate change and whale migration. . Mari Luz Cañón Paez (Coastal Oceanography Scientist), Dr. Eduardo Santamaría (Coastal Oceanography), Diego Mojica (Glaciologist and advisor on Antarctic affairs) and part of the crew such as Captain Joaquín Urrego or the first female helicopter pilot in Colombia Lieutenant Elisabeth Santamaria give her vision and explain the core of her projects in interviews. A 20-meter-tall iceberg was identified by Duque and a support team of 15, which included his wife Catalina, medical personnel and underwater divers. Armed with just a crampon, two ice axes and a 7mm thick wetsuit, Duke headed for the iceberg and dove into waters that were below 1°C as the first human in Antarctica.


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