Discover all the possibilities that the highest mountains of Africa have to offer you, including the latest challenge never done before 😉

We tell you everything about the three five thousanders of Africa and how to climb them: Kilimanjaro (5,985m), Mount Kenya (5,199m) and Mount Stanley (5,109m). Finally, we propose the last great challenge that exists in them and that no one has yet done.

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When we imagine Africa, the first thing that comes to mind for most of the population is wild animals on large plains and tribes, but the mother continent also has mountains to offer.

When it comes to mountains in Africa, almost everyone has one that comes to mind: Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. For those who love mountaineering, there is also Toukbal in Morocco. The summit of the latter, Jebel Toukbal with its 4,167 meters is the 37th peak in the classification of the highest mountains in Africa. So there are a large number of possibilities ahead. Climb the Toukbal, see all the possibilities.


Not counting secondary mountain peaks, the order of highest mountains in Africa is as follows.

-Mount Kilimanjaro, with its 5,895m, the summit of Kibo located in Tanzania is the highest mountain on the continent. Despite the height, it does not have any technical complications. There are more than 7 different routes for your ascension. Climb Kilimanjaro, see all the possibilities.

-Mount Kenya, with its 5,199mts summit of the Batian and its close twin, the Nelión of 5,188mts, located in Kenya, are two mountains that require climbing knowledge, with passes up to grade V. But the third peak of the mountain range , Point Lenana with 4,985 meters, can be climbed without complications.

-Mount Stantley, with its 5,109m, this peak located in Uganda within the Rwenzori mountain range is the third highest on the continent. At the foot of the mountain we find unparalleled vegetation and it is very close to the Bwindi park where the last mountain gorillas reside.


Kilimanjaro, known as the roof of Africa, is a mountain without major technical difficulties, but its almost 6,000 meters high should not be underestimated. The ascension trekking can be done from its base in 5 days, but we recommend 6 or 7 days to achieve good acclimatization and not have problems with altitude sickness.

The ascension can be done from 7 different routes, although there are 4 main ones, each one has its particularities; Let us advise you and we will find the route that best suits your objectives and expectations. Some of them offer lodges where you can spend the night every night and others only tents. Our local team will help you live the best experience and reach the top of the roof of Africa. Climb Kilimanjaro, see all the possibilities.

In a very summary way, these are the differences between the routes:
-Ideal for beginners – Marangu and Machame Routes
-The best landscapes – Lemosho and Machame Routes
-Affordable price and for beginners – Marangu Route
-Medium difficulty – Machame Routes and Lemosho Routes
-Expert level – Umbwe Route

If you take a trip to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, you cannot miss everything this wonderful country offers.

-Safaris: Very close to Kilimanjaro we find the famous Serengeti Natural Park and the Ngorongoro crater. Known for the great migrations of animals where we can find “the big 5”: elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards and rhinos, without also forgetting the giraffes.

-Beaches: The island of Zanzibar is a natural paradise with paradisiacal beaches and a meeting point of cultures throughout history. Immerse yourself in its waters to discover all the richness of underwater fauna, get lost in its local markets and meet its wonderful people.

-Culture: Discover the tribes and local culture of the country; Enter the nomadic Masai peoples and learn about their way of living or actively participate in solidarity projects to develop the culture of the region.


Mount Kenya consists of three main peaks, Batian (5,199m), Nelión (5,188m) and Point Lenana (4,985m). The first two require average climbing knowledge while the third can be done on foot without presenting major complications.

The mountain range is located about 3 hours by car from the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, within a national natural park considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

There are 7 routes to reach its summit:

-Timau Route

-Meru Route

-Ithanguni Route

-Chogoria Route

-Kamweti Route

-Naro Moru Route

-Burguret Route

-Sirimon Route

Due to its beauty and characteristics, we recommend ascending the Chogoria route and descending the Naro Moru.

As mentioned above, the ascent to Point Lenana does not present technical complications and requires about 6 days of trekking, the route has shelters to spend the night. If we want to climb the two main peaks, Batián and Nelión, it is required to have climbing knowledge.

Batian and Nelion are the two highest peaks on Mount Kenya, both of which are multi-pitch technical climbs and, as such, experience is needed before summit attempts are contemplated on either of them. The North Face routes are usually climbed during the northern hemisphere summer. As Mount Kenya is on the equator, the sun will be slightly north of the mountain during these months, meaning there is less snow and ice, making climbing easier. It also means that the rock gets warmer and has better light during the climb.


Mount Stanley in Uganda is the third of the 5000′ in Africa, it is located in the Rwenzori mountain range and its highest peak is Margherita Peak at 5,109 meters.

The mountain range is located right on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo about 7 hours drive from Uganda’s main airport, Entebbe.

There are two main routes to climb Mount Stanley; the “Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail” and the “Kilembe Trail”. Both routes normally require 7 days of trekking in the mountains plus a day of transfer upon arrival and return to Entebbe. With which you can do the mountain in about 9 days in Uganda.

Its ascent is more complicated than Kilimanjaro but there is less risk of altitude sickness. In the last part, normally only on the day we reach the summit, we will find sections with ice that require crampons.

Very close to the mountain range we find the Bwindi Park “Bwindi Impenatrable Forest” where some of the last Mountain Gorillas in the world are found. A unique spectacle to be able to observe them in their habitat; We recommend extending your stay in Uganda by a couple of days to be able to observe them. Mention that the interaction with them is highly regulated and only 1 hour is allowed with them accompanied by a park ranger who controls that all the rules are followed.


For people who like challenges we have a proposal: do the 3×5000′ consecutively.

We are not aware that anyone has accomplished this feat before. Do you want to be the first? We help you do it.

We estimate that the three mountains (Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Stanley) can be completed in about 25 days including all transfers between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Who’s up for the last great adventure in the mountains of Africa?

Contact us here.

Toukbal Ma

Mount Toubkal in Morocco, number 37 in the order of height of the highest peaks in Africa. Climb the Toukbal, see all the possibilities.

Tanzania, much more to offer than Kilimanjaro. Climb Kilimanjaro, see all the possibilities.

Point Lenana, with its 4,985 meters is the peak of Mount Kenya that can be done without complications. His older brothers, Batián and Nelión, require climbing knowledge.

The Batián and the Nelión with their more than 5,000 meters are technical mountains where climbing knowledge is required to reach their summit.

Visiting the last Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Park is a unique experience to complement the ascent of Mount Stanley in Uganda.


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