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The difficult thing is not to make dreams come true, the difficult thing is to dare to dream

Jordi Tosas Director de B4Experience

A stumble, an opportunity. An injury, the mountain

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The distance between wanting and being able to shortens with training

Hermanos Pou curso Escalada

A Pyrenean soul, always ready to set sail towards unknown horizons. I am a freelance journalist and guide.

inka bellés

The limit is up to you

Anna Grifols. Nutriexpert

opening track

Pablo Ral.

There is no better way to reach your audience than to make them feel identified with your project.

Guillem Casanova

The best physics and meteorology laboratory is nature itself, which is why I spend all the time I can in it.

gabi perez Meteowizz

Thank you for letting us be your instructors in this world of snow and avalanches that is so exciting and ambiguous.

Tato Canela Avalanche Canada

Why do Courses at B4Experience

Mountain training is one of the fundamental aspects that you CANNOT forget when venturing out and living endless outdoor sports experiences. Knowing the best tricks and techniques of your discipline will allow you to experience all your activities at another level.

At B4Experience, you can train from anywhere in the world with online mountain courses. In addition, you have the possibility of validating all your knowledge learned with in-person mountain courses. Apart from being fun, they are quite a collective experience.

If you are considering taking an online or in-person course with B4EXPERIENCE, here are some reasons why you might consider taking a course:

1. Relevance of the content: If the content of the course aligns with your personal, professional or academic goals, it could be a good option to acquire new skills or knowledge.

2. Qualified Instructors: Instructors and professors have strong experience and credentials in the subject area of each course, ensuring quality education. All our teachers have wide international recognition and are some of the best specialists in the disciplines they teach.

3. Teaching methodology: We use an effective pedagogical approach, we are based on microlearning (small capsules of 2 to 8 minutes) with specific and practical content.

4. Flexibility: We offer flexible training, you can connect at any time and from any device, this allows you to train and learn at your own pace, you can adapt the training to your lifestyle.

5. Reputation and comments: Until now we have an average rating of 5 stars and our goal is to continue offering the highest quality possible.

6. Certifications: If you finish any of our courses and prove with the tests that you have understood the subject, you will obtain a certificate that certifies that you have obtained the knowledge.

7. Multimedia Resources:  Our online courses include a variety of multimedia resources, such as videos, images, and downloadable summaries, that can help you better understand concepts and techniques.

8. Constant updating: The industry is constantly evolving, with new techniques, equipment and security approaches. Online courses can offer up-to-date and relevant content to keep you informed about the latest trends and best practices.

9. Adventure Preparation: If you are planning a trip or wilderness adventure, an online or in-person course can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct it safely and successfully.

In short, a B4EXPERIENCE online or in-person course can provide you with the education necessary to enjoy this outdoor activity in a safe and enriching way, while allowing you to adapt your studies to your lifestyle and personal goals.