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The difficult thing is not to make dreams come true, the difficult thing is to dare to dream

Jordi Tosas Director de B4Experience

A stumble, an opportunity. An injury, the mountain

Pau Capell B4experience

The distance between wanting and being able to shortens with training

Hermanos Pou curso Escalada

A Pyrenean soul, always ready to set sail towards unknown horizons. I am a freelance journalist and guide.

inka bellés

The limit is up to you

Anna Grifols. Nutriexpert

opening track

Pablo Ral.

There is no better way to reach your audience than to make them feel identified with your project.

Guillem Casanova

The best physics and meteorology laboratory is nature itself, which is why I spend all the time I can in it.

gabi perez Meteowizz

Thank you for letting us be your instructors in this world of snow and avalanches that is so exciting and ambiguous.

Tato Canela Avalanche Canada

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