We tell you what to do and sports to practice in Northern Norway (Lofoten, Tromsø and Svalbard) depending on the time of year.

A region for nature lovers: killer whales, northern lights, ski touring, sailing, and endless opportunities. We tell you all.

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Northern Norway is made up of three regions: Nordland (Bodø), Troms (Tromsø) and Finmark (Vasdø). In them we find areas of unparalleled natural beauty such as the Lofoten islands, Senja, the Lyngen Alps or the North Cape, which for many is the end of Europe, all and not entirely true. Much further north we find the Svalbard archipelago, administered by Norway.

All of Northern Norway has a strong seafaring tradition and when we see its geography we understand it better, there is only one way to get around, by sea. There are not many roads and due to the fjords it is much faster to get around by boat than by car.

That is the reason why we always recommend that a trip to Norway be done by boat and preferably by sail. It is the best way to tour the fjords, get to know their culture and enjoy all the activities that can be done in a sustainable way with the environment.

The opportunities for nature lovers in this region are endless and vary depending on the time of year; We tell you all about the best proposals to carry out.

WINTER – Ski Touring.

If you are passionate about ski mountaineering, we have an unparalleled combination, touring the fjords aboard a sailboat, disembarking on a virgin snow-covered beach, starting to climb up the mountain and going down with the best powder snow on the other side to the next fjord where the sailboat will pick you up at the beach. In addition, to complement the plan we will fish for cod, we will make bonfires on the beach, we will take a sauna with its subsequent baths in the sea.

There are three regions for the “Ski&Sail”:

-Lofoten: A postcard area from a Troll’s tale, with mountains up to 1200m to the sea. The best time to ski is from March to April. See travel possibilities.

-Tromsø: The Lyngen Alps and all the surrounding islands offer endless opportunities for all levels with mountains up to 1800m. The best time to ski is from April to May. See travel possibilities.

-Finmark: A much less populated area where you will feel completely removed from civilization. The best time to ski is from April to May. See travel possibilities.

We leave you a video so that you have an idea of what it is like to ski from a sailboat in the Arctic.

SPRING SUMMER – Explore the Arctic by sailboat.

The ski touring season on the mainland (Northern Norway) lasts until almost the end of May. On the islands of Svalbard you can ski the whole month of May.

From June the snow begins to disappear, only remaining on the highest peaks and gives more possibilities to explore the region on foot and hike.

Lofoten is a wonderful destination to explore in the summer, we have the midnight sun, which will allow us to do many outdoor activities throughout the day and night. Climbing a peak at midnight with an orange sun on the horizon that hasn’t just set is wonderful. Discovering its fishing villages such as Svolvær, Henningsvær or surfing on the beaches of Unstad are some of the possibilities. See travel posibilities.

Summer is also the best time to explore the Arctic for real, the one with sea ice covered for much of the year. Svalbard, Greenland or Jan Mayen are some of the possibilities. Delving into the Barents Sea and reaching the ice ledge at 80 degrees north in the territory of Polar Bear is an experience in capital letters. See travel posibilities.

AUTUMN – Orcas and Northern Lights.

The Orcas, wrongly called in English Killer Whales “Killer Whale” together with the Humpback Whales arrive in Northern Norway from November chasing the Herrings, their delicacy. They go into the fjords with group hunting techniques to catch these small fish. In recent years, the largest concentrations of Orcas have occurred near Skjervøy, a town near Tromsø. Orcas and Humpback Whales usually remain in the region until mid-January. During this time it is also when there are more possibilities to see Northern Lights.

How about a sailing trip to see the Orcas in freedom by day and a green and purple sky of Northern Lights at night? See travel posibilities.

If these options seem few to you and you have any other idea in mind, we are delighted to give it shape. We are in love with the region and we know it as our second home.

Noruega auroras boreales en velero

Want to see the whole movie?> “Himalaiaski; Ser, by Mireia Miró” that we filmed in Northern Norway with the professional skier Mireia Miró.

svalbard en velero, viaje en velero a svalbard

Polar bear, the king of the Arctic.

, viaje en velero a svalbard

Kayaking between icebergs in Greenland.


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