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Blog – Ski Mountaineering – 03/24/2023

The projects are not born out of nowhere, they are the result of a dream that has been forged for a long time, compiling everything that has been learned along the way. Without a doubt, one of the fundamental bases of B4Experience is the philosophy that the HIMALAIASKI project has marked us.

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How was HIMALAIASKI created?

In 2014, my 40-year gift was a trip to wherever I wanted. I began to assess options: Denali in Alaska, the fjords of northern Norway… but it was very easy for me to decide on Nepal; taking a trip to the Himalayas was a youthful dream that had never come true. When I thought of Nepal, I only imagined trekking trips and expeditions to 8,000-meter peaks, and I really did not feel comfortable with either format.

The teachers show you the way, it is up to you to follow it or not. Jordi Tosas, a childhood friend, had recently returned from the Himalayas from trying to climb Shisha Pangma (8,013m) with Kilian Jornet and Jordi Coromines in a very unorthodox style. When I spoke with Jordi Tosas, he immediately made me a travel proposal that was exactly what I was looking for:

“We will go on a trip to the Himalayas, specifically to the Langtang valley, very close to the border with Tibet, in the middle of winter and with mountain skis to try to climb some virgin peak. Then we will run back to Kathmandu”

Jordi Tosas explained to me that apart from the eight thousand, there are countless unknown peaks of five and six thousand meters, many have no name, and there are all difficulties. You just have to explore and find the trip to the Himalayas that best suits what you want to do.

The Himalaiaski team:

Lluís Bedós, a fellow adventurer, took less than two minutes to join the project. A few days later, my cousin, Pep Cuberes, who was studying image and sound at the time, asked me if he could come along with a photographer friend, Guillem Casanova, and record a documentary of the trip;

We were a very heterodox group, with very different knowledge: some apprentice filmmakers with some apprentice mountaineers and a guide, Jordi Tosas, who would start us on this new path. The strength of the teams is to add the experience and knowledge of all members.

After verifying that we could not find any maps or information about the area where we wanted to go, Lluís began to create itineraries and search for peaks with Google Earth, this would be our cartography. Pep encouraged some colleagues from the university to do various jobs that would promote the project, they found a name, Himalaiaski, a logo, they made a first promotional video and a web page. While Guillem took photos to promote the project, I took the most commercial part and gathering everything we had I started looking for sponsors.

The project:

Himalaiaski, the beginning of a new adventure

Before leaving for Kathmandu, we already knew what we wanted:

“We are not looking for the highest or most difficult peaks of the Himalayas, we just want to get off the beaten track, transfer our passion for nature and explore remote places”

And the result of the effort of the entire team was our first film: HIMALAIASKI, the beginning of a new adventure. I hope you like it. (Link to watch the movie for free)

This was the first of many films and subsequent adventures that would take us to the Balkans, Norway, the Caucasus, Kamchatka… always with the same goal: to explore and get off the beaten track.

With Himalaiaski we wanted you to discover unknown places by watching our movies. Now with B4Experience we are looking for much more, we want to accompany you so that you can create your own adventure.

Xevi Esgleas,

CEO of B4Experience and founder of Himalaiaski team.

Hilalaiaski Tv3

Interview on TV3 to find sponsors

Trailer for Himalaiaski’s first film


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