Move in Jeep, Helicopter and boat between volcanoes.

This program is designed so that you can discover some of the most beautiful and spectacular places on the peninsula without giving up comfort.

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  • From 8 days
  • From 3.440 €/person
  • Fitness: Accessible to all
  • Experience level: Initiation
  • Activity: Comfort
  • Kamchatka (Rusia)
  • Minimum 2
  • Cancellation policy: Pol. Cancellation 3
  • Minimum Age: N/A
  • Languages: English, Russian


Kamchatka. Comfort and nature

06/05/2024 – 8 days

Kamchatka. Comfort and nature

08/08/2024 – 8 days


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We have crafted a balanced route between wildlife and the benefits of civilization. You will see active volcanoes, you will even enter the crater of one of them, the famous Kamchatka Geysers, bears, reindeer. You will also sail through the Bering Strait and the Pacific Ocean to see orcas, whales, sea lions. Hot springs, waterfalls, frozen lava flows and fumaroles. The Koryak Indians, their dances, their sled dogs, and their culture.


He likes outdoor activities, but prefers to sleep in cozy hotels.v

He values his time, saves nerves and is ready to entrust the organization of everything to professionals from the region.

The individual format of the program means that you can choose any period convenient for you and modify or adapt anything in the program.

Kamchatka Helicopter Tour


Day 1

Arrival in Kamchatka

Encounter with Kamchatka. You arrive in Kamchatka on the flight that suits you. The person in charge of the program will meet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel. During the briefing, we will review your equipment and personal belongings necessary for your trip in the mountains. Today: free time to relax after the flight and prepare for the first active day. Start enjoying the fresh air and stunning nature of Kamchatka.

day 2

Valley of Geysers by Helicopter

Optional excursion (paid separately). Flight to the most impressive geysers in the world. The helicopter flight over Kamchatka is fantastic. Everything is so colorful here that there is absolutely no difference in which direction to fly. But today the pearl of Kamchatka awaits you – the valley of geysers. The Valley of Geysers is the only place in Eurasia where you can see the eruption of geysers. And at the same time admire the multi-colored bubbling cauldrons in the caldera of the ancient volcano Uzon. Along the way, the helicopter will fly around two active volcanoes – Karymsky and Maly Semyachik. A view of a volcano erupting ash and a glimpse straight into the heart of a lake within a crater, the surface of which is painted with yellow sulphur. On the way back, you will bathe in wild hot springs with a view of active volcanoes.

Viaje Kamchatka Valle geisers

Day 3

Bear Selfies at Kuril Lake by Helicopter

Optional excursion (paid separately). Flying in for a “selfie” with a brown bear. When you hear the word “Kamchatka”, what associations do you have? That’s right, bears! Where can you be sure to see them? On the Kuril Lake! Kuril Lake is a paradise for bears. In July, sockeye salmon come to the lake, and with it, brown bears. You get to take a selfie from a very close and at the same time safe distance. Observe bears both from land and from the water. And don’t worry about safety – the bears in the lake are not up to tourists, they gorge themselves on fish. In addition, each group has its own armed guide. On the way back, you will bathe not only in hot springs, but in a real thermal river. Where else will you experience this?

Viaje Kamchatka en Helicóptero

Day 4

Avachinsky Volcano Jeep Tour

After breakfast, we will pick you up in a jeep and transfer to another spectacular place. At the foot of the active Avachinsky volcano, animals such as Beringian foxes and ground squirrels live here, which are accustomed to people and run at a very close distance. At the foot of the active Avachinsky volcano, animals such as Beringian foxes and ground squirrels live here, which are accustomed to people and run at a very close distance. All the slopes of the volcanoes are dotted with alpine flowers.

Day 5

Yacht excursion in the Pacific Ocean

On this day, you will meet the marine mammals of Kamchatka. In a cozy yacht you will go sailing to the Pacific Ocean. The captain will head to Russkaya Bay, making several stops along the way to show you the black rocks with bird colonies, sea lion colonies, and spotted seals. Sea fishing will add impressions to this day. While you fish, the chef prepares a delicious fish soup. On the way back, you will not be able to relax; freshly boiled crab and sea urchin caviar will be served on the table.

Day 6

Enter the active Mutnovsky volcano

We will visit an incredibly beautiful volcano – Mutnovskaya Sopka. The ascent to the active crater is perhaps the easiest, compared to other volcanoes. But this, of course, does not mean that you will walk like in a city park. The volcano is alive and you have to be attentive. It is not enough to talk about beauty, you have to see it. It is 100% true that no one will remain indifferent to the views that open up both during the ascent itself and in the active crater of the Mutnovsky volcano. We will also visit the spectacular Opasny canyon with the 80-meter waterfall of the same name.

Day 7

black sand beaches

The Great Pacific is waiting for you. Here you will walk barefoot on hot black volcanic sand and breathe in the salty air. You will also climb a rock, from where a fantastic view of the entire beach and active volcanoes opens. But that is not all. In the company of a professional team, you will ride PadelSurf boards along the river to the ocean. A unique experience within the reach of people of absolutely any age!

Day 8


I fly home. Before the airport we will go through the fish market. You can buy seafood delicacies and caviar for you and your friends. Sellers will package everything in the best possible way. We say goodbye to you! And we hope to see you again! We are sure that you will definitely want to repeat this trip and get to know other magical places in Kamchatka!



  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Paratunka with a thermal pool (Laguna/Sputnik, standard room, breakfast included).
  • Private boat excursion.
  • Individual transfers according to program, comfort and business class (Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Lexus LX570, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Alphard, Mercedes-benz Sprinter, Mercedes-benz V Class, Toyota Hiace).
  • Guide services (English speaking).
  • Cook services.
  • Excursions according to program (in individual format).
  • Meals according to the program, taking into account the wishes of the client (hot dishes from fresh products on all excursions).
  • Insurance, including evacuation by helicopter for 2 million rubles for each participant for each day.
  • Permission to visit the natural park “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”.
  • Individual equipment and group equipment, including satellite phones, GPS navigators.
  • Visa support, coordination of the route with the FSB and immigration registration for foreign citizens.
  • Concierge service (we solve any additional task: quality control of the hotel service, restaurant reservations, sending postcards/gifts…).
  • Technical and material advice.
  • access to ourtraining platform and OUTDOOR films for 1 year (valued at €90‎).


  • Flight to Petropavlosk Kamchatky.
  • Additional Helicopter excursions (€745/person per excursion day)
  • Alcoholic beverages, telephone, medical and repatriation insurance.
  • Entry visa in Russia (Proceed at an embassy or http://www.centraldevisadosrusos.com , We can take care of all the arrangements).
  • Tips. (Optional).
  • Everything not included in the “INCLUDED” section.


  • Possibility of extending the trip with trekking, cultural extensions… (ask for all the possibilities).
  • Possibility of customizing the trip or making extensions to the Kirils Islands, to the great volcanoes of the central area of Kamchatka…
Viaje a Volcan activo Kamchatka

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