Mountain Photography

Mobile photography by Guillem Casanova

Take the best mountain photos with your mobile. Learn the basics of composition, the rules of thirds and how to plan a photography trip. Edit and improve your photos with your mobile. Surprise everyone with the result.

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  • Activity: Photography
  • Classes: 32
  • Duration: 5h dedication / 2.5h videos
  • Type: Initiation / Improvement
  • Spanish Language
  • Subtitles: No
  • Downloadable Resources: No
  • Diploma: yes
Fotografía de Montaña


  • Composition rules
  • Plan a photographic outing
  • Convey a story with images
  • Mobile photo editing


In this online photo course taught by the renowned outdoor photographer Guillem Casanova you will learn all the techniques and tricks to get the most out of your photos with your mobile.

The mobile phone always travels with us in all our outings to the mountains and with a few simple tips your photographs will reach another level and you will be able to surprise everyone.

Social networks and new technologies have changed the world of conventional photography. Even so, it is necessary to understand the basics of analog photography to improve your photos with your mobile.

In the course, in a short and easy-to-understand video format, everything is detailed so that your photos convey a story to the person who sees them.

Light, composition, storytelling, depth of field, planning and editing are some of the topics that we will cover in detail.


How many times have you thought that your mobile photos could be better?

If you have ever thought about this and want to solve it, this course is for you.

Capture your best experiences with a photo that lives up to it.

1 Guillem Casanova, let's improve your photos, photography course

Guillem Casanova, let’s improve your photos

Presentation of the “Mountain Photography” course by his teacher, Guillem Casanova. Who I am? What is the syllabus of the course? What will you learn?

2 min.
2 How to control the EXPOSURE, photography course

How to control the EXPOSURE

The basic concepts of traditional photography in order to understand how it also works on your mobile. Let’s analyze the triangle of EXPOSURE

5 min.
3 Why three OBJECTIVES?, photography course


Camera lenses can have a fixed or variable focal length. By varying the focal length we get a greater or lesser approach.

3 min.
4 Focus and blur wanting, photography course

Focus and BLUR wanting

The focus is linked to the depth of field, which is the part of the image that we can see as sharp or focused.

5 min.
5 Composition: RULE OF THIRDS, photography course

Composition: RULE OF THIRDS

The way in which we place or frame the elements that appear in an image is decisive when transmitting our message.

3 min.
6 Empty spaces with SENSE, photography course

Empty spaces with SENSE

It is just as important to place and show elements in a composition as NOT to show them and leave spaces without information.

2 min.
7 Lines and scales in photographic COMPOSITION, photography course

Lines and scales in photographic COMPOSITION

Another element of composition in photography is to integrate lines, curves and shapes into it as creative elements.

2 min.
8 When to photograph in HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL, photography course

When to photograph in HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL

The irruption of mobile photography and social networks has changed this point of view

2 min.
9 Planning: Where to take the BEST PHOTOS, photography course

Planning: Where to take the BEST PHOTOS

The goal should be not only to take a good photo, but to want to tell a story, convey an emotion.

3 min.
10 , photography courseSearch for the best LIGHT

Search for the best LIGHT

Other key elements in our outings are the weather and daylight hours.

3 min.
11 Plan a photography TRIP, photography course

Plan a photography TRIP

Planning will help us to find the best places, to calculate approach times and to know the type of terrain through which we are going to move

3 min.
12 The BEST TIME and place to take photos, photography course

The BEST TIME and place to take photos

Today there are many easy tools within our reach to get to know the place, even before being there.

6 min.
13 8 essential TRICKS in photography, photography course

8 essential TRICKS in photography

8 essential tricks that you should not forget. Remember that the most important thing is your safety, not getting the best picture

4 minutes
1 Lines and curves in photography, EXAMPLES, photography course

Lines and curves in photography, EXAMPLES

Practical example of how to integrate curves and natural lines in our photography.

2 min.
2 SCALES in photography, examples, photography course

SCALES in photography, examples

Excuse the obvious…mountains are usually very big! But how much? How can we convey these dimensions in a photograph?

3 min.
3 Take photos with the rule of THIRDS, photography course

Taking photos with the rule of thirds

Practical example of the law of thirds to provide your photos with a general balance.

4 minutes
4 Where to locate the HORIZON, examples, photography course

Where to locate the HORIZON, examples

The most obvious and defined horizon is that of the sea. But how can we balance our photos if the horizon is not so defined?

5 min.
5 How to take BACKLIGHT photos, photography course

How to take BACKLIGHT photos

With backlit photos we can achieve a very creative artistic effect, seeking above all to create silhouettes.

3 min.
6 Learn to use the PORTRAIT mode, photography course

Learn how to use PORTRAIT mode

To give much more prominence to the subject of the portrait, separating it from the background.

3 min.
7 How to blur the FIRST PLANE, photography course

How to blur the FOREGROUND

In a flat scene we can add a sense of depth by blurring an object that is in the foreground

2 min.
8 PICADO and CONTRAPICADO plane in photography, photography course

PICADO and CONTRAPICADO plane in photography

Another of the tools that we have is to change the point of view or perspective, that is, take a photograph by placing ourselves above or below the point of interest.

3 min.
1 EDITING photos with MOBILE, photography course

EDITING photos with MOBILE

There have always been techniques to improve our photos. Digital technology has taken this world to another level.

3 min.
2 Edition of FRAMING and FORMAT. Lightroom mobile 1, photography course

Edition of FRAMING and FORMAT. Lightroom mobile 1

In this first class of Lightroom mobile (free version). We will see how to import the photos to the application, how to correct the framing and how to change the format

7 min.
3 Main editing PARAMETERS. Lightroom mobile 2, photography course

Main editing PARAMETERS. Lightroom mobile 2

With post-production and editing we seek to highlight these lights and colors to get the most out of them.

6 min.
4 More editing parameters. Lightroom mobile 3, photography course

More editing parameters. Lightroom mobile 3

The digital edition allows retouching many details. All the other editing possibilities that Lightroom mobile offers.

8 min.
5 Selective editing and CORRECTIONS., photography course Lightroom mobile 4

Selective editing and CORRECTIONS. Lightroom mobile 4

If we have the Premium version of Lightroom mobile we can make adjustments and selective retouching in different areas of the photo

4 minutes
6 EXAMPLES of editing with Lightroom mobile, photography course

EXAMPLES of editing with Lightroom mobile

We will see in a practical way the retouching of several photographs that we have taken during the course. Practical examples of editing with Lightroom mobile.

6 min.
7 TOUCH UP with Clonar buffer. Lightroom, mobile photography course 6

TOUCH UP with Clonar buffer. Lightroom mobile 6

Use and applications of the “clone buffer” tool. It is very useful to eliminate unwanted things from photography.

2 min.
8 How to put FILTERS on mobile photos, photography course

How to put FILTERS on mobile photos

If you want to edit your photo in a more direct way and you don’t want to go through an editing app like Lightroom, you can put a filter directly on it

3 min.
9 B4Experience

TEST, validates everything learned

10 min.


Our Staff is made up of professionals with proven experience that will pass on all their years of knowledge to you in a 100% flexible format.

We also rely on collaborators and commercial international brands to provide us with their technical knowledge.


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