Cross-country skiing, Freeride, Heliski… Ski routes for all levels.

SKI trips of all levels. We customize and adjust the best SKI TOURS, FREERIDE, HELISKI, SKI & SAIL, SPLITBOARD… routes to your level. Routes around the world and of all difficulties. The best snow in Norway, Nepal, the Alps, Turkey, Russia… Routes with UIAGM certified guides and local guides. Private or shared groups

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Karakorum Ski Splitboard alpinschool programKarakorum Ski Splitboard alpinschool
Trips - Ski / Splitboard - €3,500
Trips - Freeride /Heliski - €2,250
Trips - Ski Freeride - €2,450
Trips - Expedition - Check price
TRIP Skimo Training Camp TignesTIGNES SKIMO TRAINING CAMP 2023
Trips - Ski mountaineering - €1,950
JOURNEYheliski nepal
Trips - Heliskiing - Check price
himalaya ski splitbord alpinschoolSki Nepal - Expedición Skimo zona Manaslu,
Trips - Ski Mountain - €3,850
TRIP Ski&Sail TromsoLyngen Alps ski, Ski and Sail Tromso
Trips - Ski Mountaineering - €2,350
JOURNEYSki and Sail Lofoten
Trips - Ski Mountaineering - €2,350

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Why do SKI trips with B4Experience

Of course! Ski trips are an exciting way to enjoy winter and practice snow sports. Here are some tips and popular destinations for ski trips:

Tips for ski trips:

1. Book Early: Ski destinations tend to fill up quickly during peak season, so make sure you book your trip well in advance.

2. Appropriate equipment: Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and equipment for the cold and snow. We can advise and advise you so that you can bring the best equipment and the most appropriate clothing for the destination you choose.

3. Ski with a Guide: If you want to improve your skills, or you are going to do an activity in an uncontrolled area (outside the ski resorts), put your safety in the hands of a professional.

4. Know your limits: Do not demand too much in your first days. Start with easier routes and gradually progress to more difficult routes as you gain experience.

5. Medical and rescue insurance: Make sure you have adequate medical and rescue insurance that covers winter sports related injuries, and covers a rescue in the area where you are traveling.

Popular destinations for ski trips:

1. Alps, Europe: The Alps offer a wide range of ski destinations in countries like France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Routes like the famous Chamonix – Zermat, ascents to Gran Paradiso or Montblanc are known for their impressive landscapes and excellent descents.

2. Norway by Sailboat: Do not miss the ski and sail, travel from island to island or from fjord to fjord on a sailboat. Climb the mountain you want and ski down to the sea.

4. Hokkaido, Japan: Japan is known for its fresh powder and Hokkaido is one of the country’s most popular destinations for skiing and snowboarding.

Remember that each destination has its own ski season, so check the ideal dates to visit before planning your trip. Enjoy your adventures in the snow!