Aneto running – Alpin Running Course

Trail running on snowy terrain

Put the Fast and Light philosophy of Alpine Running into practice and prepare yourself for 2 days with the face-to-face and practical course to run on snowy terrain, run up the Aneto. Don’t set limits!

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  • 2 days
  • Desde 195€/persona
  • Physical condition: Athlete
  • Experience level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Activity: Trail Running / Mountaineering
  • Aneto (Pirineo)
  • Minimum 4
  • Cancellation policy: Pol. Cancellation 2
  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Languages: Esp, Cat, Eng, Fra


Aneto Corriendo, Curso Alpin Running

6/05/2024 – 2 días
175€/persona (Quedan 4 plazas)


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Aneto Corriendo, Curso trail running terreno nevado


  • Running in snow with and without crampons
  • minimum safety equipment
  • The risks of alpine running
  • Strategies in fast ascents


Two days of training with a program designed by Jordi Tosas to establish the theoretical and practical knowledge to run up mountains in the lightest way possible. Write us for information available dates.

The final challenge of the course is that we can climb safely, but with the minimum essential material to Aneto. But before we have to learn a lot of things:
– Choose the right material for an activity of this type, from crampons and clothing to a minimum of safety and hydration material.
– The correct techniques and biomechanics to optimize energy and avoid injuries.
– Plan routes, assess times, unevenness, alternatives and decision points.
– Correctly analyze the weather forecast before and during the outing.
– Learn to assess the risks and how far you can go.

A course with workshops and 100% practical explanations, so that you can enter the world of alpine running safely and guided by some of the best specialists in the field.

Training opens the doors of access to new adventures. It is not a simple two-day guided outing, it is about validating all the concepts of our “Mountaineering and Trail Running” course or those learned from experience, to ensure that your activities in the mountains are safer from this moment.


Mountaineering and trail running practitioners who want to learn to climb mountains quickly and with the least amount of suitable equipment.

Mountaineering runners who want to consolidate and ensure the knowledge they have been learning from one of the promoters of the Fast and Light philosophy.

Every summer there are accidents in mountains such as Aneto, Mont Blanc… from people who want to climb them in slippers. We want to offer you the knowledge so that you can carry out this activity safely and so that you learn to assess when it is possible and appropriate to carry them out.


We adapt all our courses to the level of the participants so that they can always get the most out of the course

Workshop 1

Activity Renclusa Peak Area

Techniques of progression in different terrains. Optimization of biomechanics in off-road racing.

Workshop 2

Talks and workshops in Llanos del Hospital

Analysis of all the essential concepts to turn a mountaineering outing into a safe activity: adequate material, route planning and analysis, applied meteorology and decision making.

Mont Blanc subir corriendo, Alpin Running full camp


Workshop 3

Go up to the Aneto

We will analyze and choose the best route to climb Aneto. It is not about a race, it is about putting into practice all the concepts taught during the course.

Alpinismo y Trail Running con Jordi Tosas Curso online



  • UIAGM High Mountain Guide.
  • Collective security material: rope and first-aid kit


  • Meals and overnight stay (can be managed).
  • Personal equipment: shoes, crampons and ice ax.
  • Everything not included in the “INCLUDED” section.


  • Training Plan (Optional)
alpinrunning montblanc, subir al montblanc corriendo

Practical information:

Physical and technical level:

A minimum level is needed that allows you to complete a mountain route of 1400m of unevenness in one day. It is not a technically demanding route and you are not going to run uphill all the time. The objective of the course is to learn to be self-sufficient in this type of activity in this area. We are not going to break any records.


As mountain professionals we not only seek the greatest enjoyment, but also the highest degree of safety possible during the activities. For this we will have personal security equipment, communication and a sufficient first-aid kit.

It is essential to be in possession of accident and rescue insurance that covers any incident (it is mandatory for all participants). If you don’t have one, we can manage it for you.


A list of material will be provided to the participants. Although it will be very similar to the material required to carry out activities in the middle mountains in the Pyrenees in winter.


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