Trips to carry out the best trail running routes without having to carry out a race.

TRAIL RUNNING trips of all levels. Leave your time clock at home and discover the most spectacular running routes in the world. Enjoy a trail running trip in which you can enjoy the comforts of porters, cooks and guides with extensive experience in the mountains. The best routes in Nepal, Alps, Pyrenees… Private or shared groups

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Trips - Trekking - €225
JOURNEYAneto Corriendo, Curso trail running terreno nevado
In-person Course - Trail Running
TRIP Alpin Camp AlpsMont Blanc subir corriendo, Alpin Running full camp
Trips - Mountaineering - €1,950
TRIP Mountaineering Express Mont-Blancclimb mont blanc one day
Trips - Mountaineering - €690
TRAVEL Trail running NepalNepal run, viaje trail running nepal
Trips - Trail Running - €1,460
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Why do TRAIL RUNNING trips with B4Experience

Trail running trips are exciting and enriching experiences for those who love to run on natural and mountain trails. These trips combine a passion for running with the exploration of beautiful natural environments and the connection with nature. Here are some considerations and tips for planning and enjoying your trail running trips:

1. Suitable destination: Research destinations that offer interesting and varied trail running routes. You can opt for mountains, forests, coasts or deserts, depending on your preferences and skill level. Together with B4Exoperience we can find your ideal route

2. Research: We research the available routes in the destination of your choice. We look for information about the length, difficulty level, terrain and unevenness of the routes to make sure they fit your level and goals.

3. Planning: We create an itinerary that includes the routes you want to run, as well as other tourist and relaxation activities.

4. Appropriate equipment: We advise you to take with you the appropriate equipment for trail running, such as trail running shoes, comfortable and breathable clothing, a hydration backpack, sun protection, a first aid kit and a mobile phone with a charged battery.

5. Safety: Be sure to tell someone about your trail running plans and the routes you are going to travel. It is always advisable to run in groups or at least have company, especially in remote areas.

6. Respect for the environment: Practice “Leave No Trace” (leave no trace) and respect nature. Do not leave litter and follow the rules of the protected area in which you are running.

7. Acclimatization: If you are traveling to a place with a significantly different altitude than what you are used to, we make sure that you take the time to acclimatize before undertaking strenuous efforts.

8. Hydration and nutrition: Stay hydrated during your runs and carry enough water and energy foods to maintain your energy.

9. Previous training: Make sure you are in good physical shape and trained for the type of terrain and the distances you are going to cover. We can manage a training plan with professional trainers to help you reach your goal.

10. Capture the moments: Bring a camera or use your phone to capture the beautiful scenery and special moments during your runs. We can include a professional photographer or cameraman in our Trail Running trips so that you return with the best memories.

11. Explore and enjoy: Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. Take time to stop and admire the panoramic views. Not everything is the stopwatch.

Trail running trips are a fantastic way to combine sport with exploration and contact with nature. Be sure to plan ahead, be prepared, and make the most of each experience.